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Three Sycamores Elegant Assisted Living



At first look our home appears like any other large private residence is this prime neighborhood of LaCanada. And that’s how we like it. Even though we have included features such as wider doors, ramps and easier access, we have incorporated this into the décor of our home to keep the luxurious feel that our clientele are accustomed to.


We are licensed for up to 6 elderly residents as an RCFE, ‘Assisted Living’ or ‘Board And Care’ facility. We have 3 caregivers that live-in the facility and give care around the clock. Then Joan, Gail and other staff are also present during the day.


Our mission is to improve the lives of our residents both mentally and physically.

Mentally we strive to keep our residents engaged in life by taking an active interest in them and their lives. We endeavor to find out what have been their passions in life and to replicate some part of that today. For instance a man who’s pride and joy was his several ‘automobiles’, was in his element when interviewed at a local antique car show. A lady that used to be an avid tennis player was glowing when asked to lead the Nintendo Wii tennis team. Everyone loves to have someone truly interested in listening to them and family members often simply just don’t have that time to spare. We are there for them, spending quality time everyday. We have visiting youths who love to listen to stories of what it was like growing up in the 20’s and 30s. We understand that feeling needed and appreciated is probably the most important element to a long and healthy life. We also like to surprise them occasionally with their favorite treat or some little thing that makes them know we know them and know what they like. We encourage healthy mind and memory by providing something new to learn each day. Individuals with memory loss are no different in their need to be appreciated however these residents require a very patient and understanding ear that we are happy to provide.

Physical wellness is equally important to us. Each resident is an individual with very different health needs. We create a health plan with the family and physician and supplement this with regular exercises with our caregivers. We have to be creative and encourage participation as they may not feel like being active. Sometimes a person might not be motivated to take a walk but if I ask “I am trimming the roses in the garden do you think you could help me?” then I may have a quite excited helper that is walking outside on his walker and getting his fresh air and exercise. We provide healthy delicious meals with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and make our dinners a time for socializing, fun and laughter.

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